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When the eldest first daughter decided it was a better choice to skip the DNC for Lollapalooza music festival, it got people talking.

Despite surely knowing what people would expect from her in terms of her “duties,” Malia Obama could be seen dancing among other concertgoers at the time that Hilary Clinton was securing her place in history as the first woman in the US to accept a major party’s nomination for president.

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The Secret Service was also on hand to provide security for the teen. One Twitter user managed to snap a photo of them dressed in matching plaid shirts and khaki-colored slacks.

Of course that was not all Twitter had to say on the issue, with many taking offense to Malia acting like a normal teenager and enjoying a concert.

Most people seemed fine with it, however. These people realize that this is a girl that has by and large given up many “normal” aspects of her life who, at 18, near the tail end of her father’s presidency, should be allowed to go to an outdoor music festival and have a little fun from time to time.