By Bernal E. Smith, II

Best in Black Awards 2016 Interim Voting Results

From Bernal E. Smith II, CEO/Publisher of The New Tri-State Defender:

“First, let me say thanks to each of you for your participation. Whether you are a nominee or a voter/supporter of the various nominees, your effort and input is appreciated by our entire staff and volunteers.

Most of the competitions are extremely close and with eight (8) days left to vote it will simply come down to who can rally their customers, clients, friends and family to support them the most down the stretch!

As you will notice, not all categories are listed. We have chosen not to list categories in which one nominee had more than a 1,000 vote lead over the next closest competitor. This does not mean that competing nominees don’t have a great chance to win; only that one candidate has a commanding lead at this particular time. In past years, we’ve seen nominees make up deficits of this size and larger in less time. We encourage all nominees to get it in gear and promote the vote like never before!

Remember, you can only vote once per day. Any votes beyond this will be discounted and repeat violators will have all of their votes thrown out.

We are extremely excited about this year’s Best in Black Awards! It is clearly shaping up to be the BEST ever!! Keep voting and promoting and we will see you at the show!!!”