Black Dads Who DO: Rev. Albert Harwell, Rasheed Wilkins, Quincy Spight.

Here at the Tri-State Defender, we’ve declared June as “The Month of the Black Dad!” Meaning, we want to show some love to the men in our communities who are loving fathers and positive role models — not just for their children, but the whole community! Enough talk about the men who don’t; we’re shouting out BLACK DADS WHO DO!

Here are some of your submissions so far! And if you are the proud child of a GREAT BLACK DAD, or know one who deserves a “HUGSHOT,” take a minute to tell us! Visit this link:

Check out this round of “Black Dads Who DO!”

7Rev. Albert Harwell

My grandfather, Pastor Albert Harwell is truly a GREAT man of God and amazing Granddad and Great-Granddad! His love and devotion to God and His people is apparent through his heart of gold in serving others. 

6Rev. Albert Harwell has a ‘heart of gold in serving others’

He will do ANYTHING for his grandchildren Arielle and Garrison, but will go to the MOON for his great-granddaughters Averi and Angela! We love him so much!!

— Arielle Brown

This heartwarming story of a grandfather’s love is just one example of the many ways African American dads are making a difference in their children’s lives. Do YOU know a Black Dad who deserves a HUGSHOT? Visit and tell us about him!

5Rasheed Wilkins

“From Day One of my finding out we were expecting, my fiancée has went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed for our little one. He is a great father figure for my first son and has accepted him as his own! He goes out of his way, working countless hours to make sure everything in the home is taken care of. I have seen him grow so much to become a great father.

4Rasheed Wilkins gets “straight into Dad mode” when he gets home

“Even after working all day he still comes home and get straight into “Dad mode.” He helps me around the house with cooking, cleaning, things for the kids etc. God really did his thing when he blessed me with Rasheed. I cant express enough how thankful and appreciative I am for him in our lives!!!!!”

— Shanddrikka Dodson

Rasheed’s story challenges the stereotype that men don’t help around the house! Do YOU know a Black Dad who deserves a HUGSHOT? Visit and tell us about him!

3Quincy Spight

“He is the epitome of an excellent father! I’m currently 32 and my dad lives 1.5 hours away.”

2Quincy Spight: “He’d be “here at the drop of a dime” if needed

“If I or my children need him he’d be here at the drop of a dime with no questions asked. He is a pillar in his community and has been his whole life.”

— Sienna Spight

Quincy’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the vital role fathers play in their children’s lives. His commitment to being present, both emotionally and financially, makes him a true pillar of strength for his family. Do YOU know a Black Dad who deserves a HUGSHOT? Visit and tell us about him!

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