Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin all went to the White House for dinner with President Donald Trump on Wednesday night, and predictably, there was plenty of uproar to be upset about, especially when the three of them took …

An Australian shop owner is under fire after he put up a sign banning black teenagers and dogs from his shop.

“Statement. Because the 14-18 year old black [sic] always steal. Prohibit 14-18 year-old blacks and dogs into the shop,” …

By Stacy M. Brown (NNPA Newswire Contributor) African-American physicians earn 15 percent less than White physicians—an average of $262,000 compared to $303,000—according to Medscape’s 2017 Physicians Compensation Report. Approximately 19,200 physicians across 26 areas of medicine were asked questions about annual compensation, race, gender, geography and job satisfaction. The report, detailed by CBS News, revealed […]

District officials said on Monday that the beleaguered principal of Campbell Park Elementary will leave campus while officials conduct an “administrative review.”

The principal, Christine Hoffman, found herself at the center of controversy last week after she sent out an …

According to an analysis by New York City’s Independent Budget Office, the number of homeless children enrolled in public schools in the city is on the rise, shooting up 15 percent from the 2013-2014 school year.

The analysis found that, …

Former President Barack Obama is back in the public life, and he's already getting criticism for accepting a speaking engagement that will net him $400,000.
The two officers involved in the shooting of Tamir Rice are the subjects of two newly released videos from the lawyer representing the Rice family.
Thomas Lopez-Pierre, who's running for city council in Manhattan, has vowed to stop “greedy Jewish landlords” from committing “ethnic cleansing” against blacks.
On Thursday, Omarosa Manigault spoke at the National Action Network’s New York convention, where she faced one of Trump's sharpest critics: Angela Rye.
Members of Tennessee House of Representatives say members had slipped in language honoring former KKK leader and slave trader Nathan Bedford Forrest.