Cop impersonator attempts to arrest young black teen for cutting grass news Lawn Mower Cop


Two Houston lawn care workers were harassed by a man apparently impersonating a Houston police officer, and the incident was caught on video.

Marvin Gibson and another African-American worker with D&M Lawn Care were doing lawn care work and passing out cards for their business when the man, dressed as a police officer, approached them and told Gibson to “step over here.”

After Gibson explained why he was going door to door, the so-called officer asks to see Gibson’s ID. Gibson replies that he does not have it with him and then turns it around on the “officer,” asking for his card. The officer seems to hesitate before pulling out handcuffs, telling Gibson to put his hands behind his back.

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Gibson backs up, still filming and repeatedly asking for the officer’s ID, while his friend rushes to help him.

The Houston Police Department has since responded to the incident after the video went viral, saying that the man is not a member of their force: “After reviewing the video, based upon the badge and shoulder patch, this is not an HPD officer.”

Now, many are asking the HPD to investigate the man in the video for impersonating an officer, pointing out the license plate visible in the video as well as other clues that the police can use to determine his identity.


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