Even in the Windy City, Anthony Miller reps for MEM

Except for the fact that he wasn’t wearing Tiger blue, Chicago Bears rookie WR Anthony Miller looks right at home talking to Tigers Senior Assistant Athletic Trainer Larry Reynolds on the sidelines. During the Bears bye-week, Miller was back home for Memphis Madness and to witness the Tigers’ 55-14 blowout of UConn. (Photo: Terry Davis)

Anthony Miller may be living in Chicago these days, but he is definitely not forgotten in Memphis – and he has definitely NOT forgotten his hometown either.

Shining in his rookie NFL season with the Chicago Bears, Miller spent some of his off-week back home in Memphis, hanging with the Memphis Tigers.  He was even on hand as a celebrity judge for last Thursday’s slam dunk competition during Memphis Madness at FedExFourm.

On Saturday, he returned to the Tigers’ sidelines to watch his former teammates run roughshod over the Connecticut Huskies. Miller holds many receiving records at the University of Memphis including most catches, most receiving yards and a lot others. On Sunday, Miller hosted a football camp for area youth.

Miller, who has blossomed since earning a spot as a walk-on at Christian Brothers High School, has made a point of shouting out Memphis after big plays – including doing the “Shoot Dance” in the end-zone dance after his first pro touchdown.

His pride in Memphis has quickly made him a crowd favorite when Tiger alums in the NFL are shown on the Jumbotron at the Liberty Bowl Stadium. Fans roared when they saw a clip of him on the sidelines during the UConn game.

This week, the Bears travel to Miami to play the Dolphins.  Miller missed the last game because of a shoulder injury, but is expected to be back in the lineup Sunday. We caught up him to ask about his rookie season in the Windy City.

Terry Davis: Are you healthy?

Anthony Miller: Yes I am.  I just have a little shoulder injury.  I have dealt with it before, but I am definitely going to be back next week.

TD:  How has the transition from college to pro been for you?

AM: It is more of a mental thing.  In college, it’s more of a simplified thing as far as the play calling goes.  Now you are on this level you have to think on all aspects of the game.

TC: How do you like playing with quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and wide receiver Allen Robinson II?

AM:  Mitchell is a great quarterback.  He is young like me and we both bring that energy to the offense.  We are just excited to what is going on this season, and there is more to come. Robinson is a freak! He can do everything.  He is a great mentor to me.  He has been in the league about five years.  He is a great guy to follow.

TD:  Chicago has quickly accepted you. How has it been since you’ve been there?

AM: I am glad to be in Chicago. Being from Memphis, I rep the city everywhere I go.  In any interview you will catch me mentioning the city.  I represent Chicago, but Memphis is always first.

TD:  What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

AM:  For the rest of the season, you should be seeing the same thing.  Our confidence is growing with every win.  We are getting a little more swagger about ourselves.  We are excited!