TSD's 2019 Voter Guide is available now!

We live in a democratic republic, where the individual essentially is the government. Those who do not understand that – and participate at that level – will not get what they need out of the government.

Throughout Memphis, forums and various forms of voter engagement events and activities are underway en route to preparing potential voters to cast ballots that count in the Oct. 3 Municipal Election.

The 2019 Voter’s Guide is a tool for voter engagement. It is designed to work in conjunction with our online voter guide, in which candidates responded to a series of questions we posed in our Candidate Survey.

In print and in the embedded PDF below, you’ll find features of the leading candidates for Memphis Mayor — County Commissioner Tami Sawyer, former Mayor Dr. Willie W. Herenton and the incumbent mayor Jim Strickland. You’ll also find some need-to-know info about the sales tax referendum, as well as a feature about a man who serves as a reminder of why voting is so important.

We’ll be posting the mayoral profiles soon, but to get an early look just take a peek at the file below or pick up a copy of The New Tri-State Defender, on newsstands now.

At a recent District 6 political forum at the Emmanuel Center, Rebecca Matlock Hutchinson, executive director of SCORE (South City Opportunity, Revitalization and Empowerment), put the 2019 voter engagement effort in a context that extends beyond the South Memphis district.

“Civic engagement is imperative in what we do,” Matlock said. “It’s the focus of SCORE Community Development Corporation. One of things we believe in is to work to encourage our residents to vote. But as they vote we also want them to be informed voters. Thus, we worked together with residents in this community to pull this (the forum) together.

“This is important,” said Hutchinson, noting that another forum was set for the next week.

“We are going to continue to work in this neighborhood and whichever one of you wins, understand that you will see Rebecca Matlock Hutchinson, along with the residents of this community, knocking on your door to hold you accountable for this community that you say you represent.”

If you’re reading this and you’re 18 years or older, you should vote – every race, every election. Here at The New Tri-State Defender, we’re encouraging you to take the additional step of being an INFORMED voter.

Make sure you know who the candidates are in the Oct 3 elections and where they stand on key issues. We recently sent each campaign a set of questions and we’ve assembled responses into our TSDMemphis.com voter’s guide!

To browse profiles of candidates for mayor, city council, court clerk and municipal judge, visit: https://tri-statedefender.com/voter.