By Keith Sanders, Special to The New Tri-State Defender

The Memphis Grizzlies are in desperate need of shooting and athleticism. With the draft coming up tonight (June 23), most analysts believe that’s the route the Grizzlies will take.

The Griz currently own the 17th pick. I have come up with three players Memphis might select:

Michigan State’s Denzel Valentine could be appealing for his “do it all” skill set. He has the three point shooting the the team needs and is an excellent defender.

Syracuse’s Malachi Richardson may not be the shooter the Grizzlies are looking for — he only shot 37 percent from long range. But he is a athletic scorer that can get you a bucket when needed.

Washington’s Dejounte Murray has great length and quickness. He might be gone before the Grizzlies pick. He’s very good in pick-and- rolls, which will translate straight into the NBA.

Any of these three would be a great fit for the Grizzlies. For more details, check out these player profiles from various draft sites around the Internet. And look for TSD coverage Friday!