By TSD Newsroom

Hamilton High School Principal Monekea Smith – along with members of her administrative team – walked the streets in what was formerly the Carver High School zone last Saturday. Now that Carver is closed, students living in that area have been zoned for Hamilton.

“We walked the neighborhoods because we wanted to introduce ourselves to the parents and the community before school starts,” said Smith, who is in her second year at the helm of Hamilton.

The 2016-17 school year begins Monday, Aug. 8.

The Shelby County Schools board backed Supt. Dorsey Hopson’s recommendation to shut down Carver in a cost-savings move. Carved ranked above only Northside among schools with low enrollment. After initially granting Northside a one-year reprieve, board members later voted to close Northside when many skittish parents and teachers chose other options rather than ride out one last year.

Equipped with flyers detailing the Hamilton High School Community Fair on Saturday (August 6), Smith and crew canvassed their school zone inviting all they encountered.

“This is just a way to show the parents that I am easily accessible,” said Smith of the walk that got underway after moderately heavy morning rains.

“Walking the neighborhoods was a great experience for me and the staff. We were afforded the opportunity to meet parents and students in their comfort zones and begin a relationship of open communication.”