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Hardaway to unveil a ‘special’ new shoe

“Do It For Dez” was the motto of the East High School basketball team.

Desmond “Dez” Merriweather was a former friend to the head coach of the University of Memphis head basketball Coach Penny Hardaway. Merriweather is the reason Hardaway got into the coaching profession.

Because of their long-standing friendship, Hardaway will release the P3 shoe on Nov. 20 in remembrance of Merriweather.

The shoe is a combination of the East High School and the University of Memphis school colors.

Merriweather was the coach of Lester Middle School and got Hardaway to volunteer there. Merriweather took the head coaching job at East High School.

Merriweather died in 2015 from colon cancer and the team adopted #DoIfForDez. The slogan did not end with winning the Tennessee State High School championship, but continues to live on everyday in the life of Hardaway.


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