‘I Thought I Was Meeting A Nerd:’ Michelle Obama Shares Her First Time Meeting Barack Obama

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Like I’ve said before, the America in which I reside is currently single and is using this time to rediscover itself after the Obamas’ departure from the blackest administration in history.

We currently don’t have a president, so America is currently swiping right to find a love that’ll give it the treatment for which it has been yearning since the Michelle and Barack walked out of the White House. Admittedly, it has been a dark and dismal time, but America still has hope that it’ll find love one of these days.

The love that America is yearning for is similar to the love that our forever First Family shares. All through social media and the interwebs, they’ve been listed as #RelationshipGoals and on Saturday, Mrs. Obama ventured to the 25th Essence Festival to share a little bit about the first time they met.

“These were a bunch of white people hyping up the black brotha, so I was a little suspicious of Barack and said ‘let me be the judge of this man,’” joked our Forever FLOTUS on the first time she heard of Mr. Obama.

She shared how skeptical she was because of his name. Mrs. Obama is from the Southside of Chicago, so a name like Barack Obama was not the norm for her, which prompted her to mark him off as a nerd until that faithful day she heard him on the phone.

Presuming you all have heard Barack Obama speak (and if you haven’t, leave this story and go educate yourself because you’re bringing disgrace upon your house), then you know the man has a way of captivating with words that makes you sit at attention. He could be talking about the texture of grits and I would sit attentively as if he was describing the meaning of life.

Mrs. Obama had the same thought when she heard him on the phone for the first time. “He had that Barack Obama voice,” she stated, and from then on our FLOTUS says she was intrigued.

She thought she was going to be meeting an intellectual nerd until our president strutted in with a memorable swag that set the tone for the rest of their relationship. Mrs. Obama was hooked and the rest is the history that we’ve all come to enjoy and cherish.

On one of their first dates, Michelle recounts that Barack picked her up in a vehicle with a noticeable hole in it. “Is that the sidewalk?” Mrs. Obama exclaimed as she entered the vehicle.

That’s how you know it was love because she swiped right on this man even though his vehicle had cavities. They started from the “bottom,” and now they’ve given us the blueprint on what love should be with all of its highs and lows.

A couple. A relationship. A goal.

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