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LeMoyne-Owen installs Dr. Christopher B. Davis as 14th President


Dr. Christopher B. Davis has shed the interim title to become the 14th President of LeMoyne Owen College.

After serving a year as the interim president of LeMoyne-Owen College, Dr. Christopher B. Davis has ascended to become the 14th President of small HBCU college in South Memphis.

Monday morning, LeMoyne-Owen College hosted an installation ceremony on campus, which was attended by a diverse gathering of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and distinguished guests, all eager to witness the beginning of Dr. Davis’s official leadership tenure.

The ceremony commenced with an enthusiastic welcome from Patricia Covington, the outgoing chair of LOC’s Board of Trustees, who immediately introduced and praised her successor as chair of the board: Memphis attorney Vanecia Belser-Kimbrow.

Kimbrow, in her inaugural address as board chair, expressed gratitude for Covington’s leadership and the trust placed in her by the board.


“I am excited about our future and the remarkable journey we are embarking on together,” she said in introducing Davis as LOC President. “Dr. Davis brings a unique perspective to our school. Not only has he actively served on the board of trustees for nearly eight years, but he is also a community advocate and an accomplished academic.”

Dr. Davis’s formal introduction was met with enthusiastic applause. He stepped to the podium, visibly moved by the occasion.

“It is a tremendous honor to stand before you as the 14th President of LeMoyne-Owen College. I am deeply humbled by this opportunity and grateful for the trust placed in me by both trustees, the faculty, the staff, and the entire LOC community,” Dr. Davis began.

In his address, Dr. Davis outlined his vision for the future of LeMoyne-Owen College.

“Education is a transformative force, and at LOC we are dedicated to providing knowledge and experience in an ever-changing world,” he asserted. Dr. Davis emphasized the importance of investing in faculty, expanding academic programs, and creating opportunities for experiential learning. He also highlighted the significance of community engagement, stating, “LeMoyne-Owen College has always been a beacon of hope and progress in Memphis, and we will continue to build partnerships that benefit both our students and our city.”

Dr. Davis paid tribute to his family, acknowledging their support and sacrifices. “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my wife and my children. Their support, love, and encouragement have been our foundation for this journey,” he said, drawing heartfelt applause from the audience.

Reflecting on his previous role at the Theological Seminary, Dr. Davis shared his excitement about bringing a spirit of collaboration and innovation to LeMoyne-Owen College. “One of my top priorities will be to enhance the academic experience for our students. This means investing in our faculty, expanding our academic programs, and creating opportunities for experiential learning,” he outlined.

Dr. Davis concluded his address with a commitment to open dialogue and mutual respect within the LOC community. “I aim to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that LOC continues to thrive and make a meaningful impact on the lives of our students and the broader community,” he declared. “Thank you once again for this incredible honor. I’m excited about the future of LeMoyne-Owen College. Go Magicians!”

The installation ceremony was a celebration of past achievements and future aspirations, marking the start of a new chapter for LeMoyne-Owen College under Dr. Davis’s leadership. The community looks forward to the positive changes and continued success that his presidency promises to bring.

Note: Vanecia Belser-Kimbrow also sits on the board of The Tri-State Defender.


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