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Mar-a-Lago Served Rotten Meat, but the White House Is a Dump?

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At this point, the only way President Vladimir TrumpPutin could disrespect the White House and America more is if he took a helicopter to the top of the Statue of Liberty and pissed on it. He clearly is the worst president in the history of presidents, and might arguably be the worst man in the world.

Late Tuesday, news broke that President Von Shit Face told members of his New Jersey golf club that the reason he spends so much time vacationing isn’t that he’s an incompetent sack of orange puss who never really wanted the job. Nope; as with most things involving the presidency, he passed the buck by claiming that he can’t spend time at the White House because it’s a “real dump.”


Let’s keep in mind that President KFC’s beloved Mar-a-Lago kitchen was so filthy that it was cited with 13 health-code violations.

According to the Miami Herald, Mar-a-Lago’s kitchen was cited Jan. 26 for the following:

▪ Fish designed to be served raw or undercooked, the inspection report reads, had not undergone proper parasite destruction. Kitchen staffers were ordered to cook the fish immediately or throw it out.

▪ In two of the club’s coolers, inspectors found that raw meats that should be stored at 41 degrees were much too warm and potentially dangerous: chicken was 49 degrees, duck clocked in a 50 degrees and raw beef was 50 degrees. The winner? Ham at 57 degrees.

▪ The club was cited for not maintaining the coolers in proper working order and was ordered to have them emptied immediately and repaired.

And get this: The sink where workers are supposed to wash their hand didn’t even get hot enough to sanitize their hands—but the White House is a real dump.


Just imagine for a second that … wait, nope. We aren’t even going to imagine the president of black America in this situation until further notice because those who love President Xeno-Hatred love him because he hates. At this point he could flush an American flag down the toilet and give Vladimir Putin the nuclear codes and they would still be shouting about how great their president is.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid summed it up beautifully in one tweet:

According to CNBC, Trump’s comment about the White House being a real dump was actually part of a larger piece about his complicated love for golf. The story originally appeared on the website Golf.com and in Sports Illustrated.

“The story recounts a scene in which Trump was chatting with some club members. Trump told the members he makes such frequent appearances at the property in Bedminster, New Jersey, because: ‘That White House is a real dump,’” CNBC reports.

As the news site notes, Trump’s lazy ass hasn’t passed any legislation, but he’s spent nearly every weekend away from the White House. CNBC notes that the Trump administration did not respond to a request for comment.

Read more at the Miami Herald and CNBC.

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