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Meet Ms. Tennessee Corporate America

Betina Hunt was crowned the first Ms. Tennessee Corporate America last Sunday (Sept. 18) during a ceremony at The Board Room at Hickory Ridge Mall.

Hunt is the former chapter president of the Greater Memphis Chapter of International Association of Women, chief financial officer for the Heal the Hood Foundation, co-author of “The Sisterhood: Journey of Women in Entrepreneurship,” founder of You First Community Foundation and the owner of BB Distribution Group, LLC.

Community leaders, public officials, family, friends and other supporters were present for the crowning ceremony, which began with a welcome and prayer from Kamekio Lewis and the introduction of hosts by Amya Hunt.

The ceremony hosts were media moguls Christie Taylor and Tina Tilton, whose tasks included introducing a solo performance by Joyclyn Wilson.

The guest speaker was Seretha Nobbin, Ms. Nashville Corporate America. Her remarks included saluting Dr. Anissa King, founder/director of the Ms. Corporate America organization.

In a virtual appearance, King surprised Hunt and those attending with the announcement of the inaugural Ms. Tennessee Corporate America winner.

“Betina encompasses the true essence of what Ms. Corporate America represents and she walks in her divine purpose,” said King.

Speaking directly to Hunt, King said, “You did the hard work, you made an impact in your community. Now, let’s help you tell the world.”

A proclamation from Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris noted Hunt as an “outstanding pioneer, who diligently strives to positively impact the lives of women.…”

Hunt’s social impact initiative is to help end poverty and to bring awareness by informing both teens and women globally who “suffer in silence with pain, heavy bleeding, unhealthy menstrual cycles, and the potential toxicity of tampon use.”

In collaboration with the Justice for My Jewel Campaign, Hunt’s platform will “educate females on the important roles of keeping a healthy cycle by encouraging getting active, healthy eating, healthy product choices and community awareness events.”

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