Meeting of the Minds: NYT’s Dean Baquet and JAY-Z talk about . . . almost everything

There are plenty of reasons to click "play" and watch this clip. If you need one, read on.


By now, you might have seen clips on the news about JAY-Z’s sit-down with Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times. But if you haven’t seen the full 35-minute clip, here’s your chance.

This is worth watching for more than a few reasons. One, I’m always fascinated to see two people from such different backgrounds — JAY-Z, the Brooklyn rapper and now multimillionaire mogul; Baquet, from New Orleans who was named NYT’s point person in 2014 — interact. Without these types of interviews, you might miss how cerebral JAY-Z actually is, and how “down home” Baquet is, despite his accomplishments.

Another reason: Just a chance to LOOK at these two black men who have risen to the top of their respective industries. You know how you (still) hope to see Hollywood’s Black A-listers hook up for a movie? Like, Denzel, Halle, Viola Davis, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Don Cheadle . . . can we get all of THEM in a movie together? Anyway, watching these two men talk is kinda like that — when don’t you want to see accomplished black folk together?

But finally, there’s the conversation itself: Baquet didn’t rise to the top of the New York Times by not knowing how to ask questions. And HOVA opens up about race, his infidelities and the soul-searching that goes along with all of it.

Anyway, watch. Enjoy!