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Preparations underway for Memphis Black Restaurant Week 2018

Memphis restaurateurs are busily preparing to showcase their culinary creations as preparations for the 3rd Annual Memphis Black Restaurant Week (MBRW) are underway.

There will be 12 participating restaurants during the week of March 5-11 and five are newcomers that have been open less than one year.

Featured restaurants include HM Dessert Lounge, The Office @ Uptown, Scoops Parlor, Two Vegan Sistas, Underground Café, G. Alston, Lenny’s Subs (franchise locations located at 12 Cooper St + 2893 Poplar Ave), Slice of Soul, Laura’s Kitchen, $.99 Soul Food, A&R BBQ (both locations) and The Waffle Iron.

The week, organized by Cynthia Daniels, is designed to promote economic diversity while celebrating some of Memphis’ best food fare.

“We are so excited about the buzz around this celebration of our city’s diversity. This is another way to show how proud we are of our city and all it has to offer while truly making a difference for these businesses,” Daniels said.

“Over the past two years, 22 restaurants were featured, bringing in $260,000 in weekly sales and creating 90 jobs. The City of Memphis – Office of Business Diversity & Compliance serves as the Title Sponsor of MBRW and will be working with restaurateurs to provide employment resources and training as we prepare for our largest week to date,” said Daniels.

MBRW’s aim is put this way: to counter economic disparity with fun and interactive solutions that engage, excite and ignite a deeper understanding and love of Memphis food culture while encouraging agency in the future of the city.

The millennial-led effort provides minority owned restaurants with marketing opportunities that are otherwise cost restrictive with a goal promoting Memphis food tourism and multi-cultural engagement.

For more information, visit www.blackrestaurantweek.com.

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