By theGrio

After the death of Muhammad Ali, Tennessee State Representative Martin Daniel stirred up controversy with several ignorant tweets referring to the boxer by his birth name, Cassius Clay, as well as referring to charges brought against him for draft evasion.

“In 5/67, Cassius Clay was indicted for refusal to be drafted into the armed forces. The S Ct reversed lower Ct conviction on technicality,” Daniel tweeted.

“Dutiful, patriotic, brave black and white men died in jungles while Cassius sat warm and cozy in USA,” he added.

Of course, Daniel has deleted his tweets. Some other gems he offered up:

Liberals can dance with joy the day #JusticeScalia dies, but we can’t say one thing about Cassius Clay and his love of the Nation of Islam? — Rep. Martin Daniel (@RepMartinDaniel) June 5, 2016

Cassius Clay was a skilled, great boxer, but failure to to enlist in the US military when the call was made is black cloud on his character — Rep. Martin Daniel (@RepMartinDaniel) June 4, 2016

Daniel is ignorant. End scene.