By TSD Newsroom

The MOVEMENT For Black Lives has released a policy-laced report focused on the economic, political and social realities of life for African Americans.

The report was announced on Monday (Aug. 1). The MOVEMENT For Black Lives is a network that includes the online movement Black Lives Matter.

In conjunction with detailed demands, the policy-focused report proposes solutions, including action on federal, state and local levels.

The demands:

End the war on black people.
Economic justice.
Community control.
Political power.

In an interview with CNN Money, Patrick Mason, an economist who contributed to the report and the chair of the board of directors at the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative, addressed the emphasis on improving the financial quality of life for African Americans.

“The issues dealing with race and racism and racial inequality in the United States are intimately connected to the issues of wealth inequality,” Mason said.

The platform section puts the report in context. It includes this segment:

“In response to the sustained and increasingly visible violence against Black communities in the U.S. and globally, a collective of more than 50 organizations representing thousands of Black people from across the country have come together with renewed energy and purpose to articulate a common vision and agenda. We are a collective that centers and is rooted in Black communities, but we recognize we have a shared struggle with all oppressed people; collective liberation will be a product of all of our work.”

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