TSDtv: Early look at new NCRM exhibit: “MLK50: A Legacy Remembered”


Got an early look at a new exhibit at the National Civil Rights Museum: “MLK50: A Legacy Remembered.”

Pretty much everything at the NCRM is moving. But this particular exhibit, which officially opens on April 4, 2018, goes to great lengths to provide context for Dr. King, his life, his death and his work.

In designing the exhibit, museum officials said a lot of effort went into “humanizing” Dr. King, and it shows.

“People forget that he’s a human being,” said Dr. Noelle Trent, NCRM Director of Interpretation, Collections and Education. “When people talk him, it’s almost like we’re talking about ‘Saint Martin.’ But we lose the fact that this is a man who had a family.”

Trent made note of historic moments in Dr. King’s life — but also the smaller family moment he missed with his children while he was off making history. In fact, her whole presentation is good — and that’s before Rev. Dr. Bernice King, Dr. King’s baby girl, offered her remarks on the occasion, her meeting with Pope Francis and more.

Here are a few clips from my visit, along with Dr. Trent’s remarks followed by Dr. Bernice King’s remarks (which start at 26:00). It’s good stuff.