I’ve heard it said that lawyers are like doctors. Most people don’t like going to see them – until you need one.
Well the other part of that is also true: Like medical expenses, the cost of defending yourself in court can be VERY expensive. It can wipe out the finances of well-financed people . . . and it’s so much more daunting for the poor.
But that doesn’t stop Memphis Area Legal Services from being the go-to legal solution for those of limited means. And the organization has a “Justice for All Ball” coming up to raise funds and awareness for the cause. From a press release:

Benefitting the work of Memphis Area Legal Services Inc., this annual event is a Black Tie and Cape (optional!) event, with a silent auction, food from Kelly English and Iris Etc Catering, music by the Peabody Rocket Band, all wrapped up in an evening of fun.  This event will be hosted Saturday, October 27th, starting at 7 p.m. at the Halloran Center on South Main in downtown Memphis.

And every sip counts!  All proceeds from this event support the programs of Memphis Area Legal Services Inc.  Memphis Area Legal Services (MALS), a 501 (c)(3) organization, provides justice for those in need, and does not accept fees for its services.
MALS is the primary provider of civil legal representation to low-income families in Shelby, Fayette, Tipton, and Lauderdale Counties.  MALS helps individuals and families facing critical and sometimes life-threatening situations including: domestic violence, mortgage foreclosure, eviction, homelessness, denial of health care, food stamps, and unemployment compensation, consumer fraud, predatory lending, and special challenges of children and the elderly.
MALS staff and Justice For All Ball organizers are available for interviews about this public event.  
Good stuff. Learn more at justiceforallball.org or on Facebook: facebook.com/events/225527718186845/