Skin color both unites and divides us. Whether you live in India,
East Africa or Japan, the color of your skin shapes your identity and
opportunities. The Color Complex is a narrative series that
explores how people of color around the world struggle for visibility
and learn to navigate the prejudices and social hierarchies associated
with their skin tone.

The episode is about celebrating and embracing being part of different cultures, instead of choosing one over the other.


Priscilla Yuki Wilson is born to a Japanese mother and a Black father. Growing up, she has been asked the same question, “What are you?” too many times, questioning her self-identity. Growing up, she finds that there’s a lot of misunderstanding and disconnect from other people about what it means to have a multicultural background. Through her personal experiences, she transforms the dialogue around her by challenging beauty standards. From her social and artistic experiments to her new photography project of empowering black women, she is working to bridge the gap of understanding.

Priscilla also challenges beauty standards from a previous social experiment she did, and now she is trying to build that bridge of understanding to connect and empower women of color. Check out the video above.

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