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As a newspaper, The Tri-State Defender was born the first week of November
1951 with the intent of being “an expression of the desires and needs” of the
African-American community. Now 68 years old, The New Tri-State Defender
(TSD) continues to build on that commitment, offering an inside-out perspective
of the community that sets it apart. TSD’s reporters, columnists and
photographers tell our story anchored in the basic tents of good journalism.
Specifically, that means delivering factual, credible, well-reasoned and
meaningful news and information in engaging packages and formats that
enhance the possibility of being inspired and elevated.

Intentionally locking in on African-American History Month, we have launched a
TSD subscription drive in conjunction with enhanced, premium community
coverage at, our online extension.

We’re now asking readers to subscribe to The subscriptions
will help us continue to help you get a fresh African-American perspective on the
issues associated with our community’s desires, needs and achievements.

Since we are “68,” we are offering a promotional rate of .68 cents a month now
through April 30, 2019. Beginning May 1, 2019, the monthly subscription will be

If you would like to receive the TSD print edition and have access to the online
edition, we are offering a bundle rate of $50. That’s a $13 discount for the year.

If you sign-up for an annual subscription now and pay in full, it is only $28 a year.
Starting May 1, an online annual subscription will be $32 a year.

This change will position The New Tri-State Defender to bring aboard more
journalists and key staff to take even deeper dives into the African-American
community via the print edition,, TSDRadio, TSDtv and our
social media platforms.

The TSD Daily Digital will continue to deliver our fresh, inside-out community
perspective straight to your phones, tablets and laptops.

Stay linked to “stay woke!”

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