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New Dawn Social Services to host benefit concert April 20

New Dawn Social Services (NDSS), a Memphis-based non-profit organization that works to help men and women reenter the community after incarceration or rehabilitation, is hosting a benefit concert on April 20th. 

The concert will be held at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and will feature local performers Mzzz. Kecia, Kimberly Verner, Stevenon Clark, Brittney Pruitt, and Danny Cosby. 

All proceeds from the concert will go to support NDSS’s programs and services, which help residents with housing, financial literacy classes, mental health counseling, and addiction recovery support. NDSS also has a program specifically for women called Mary’s Place, which provides transitional housing and support services.

“Individuals being released from the penal and rehabilitation institutions need access to effective and evidence-based reentry programs that provide a written plan of action, wrap-around services, and resources to decrease the risk of re-entry and relapse,” says a statement on the nonprofit’s website. “New Dawn Social Services exists to help those individuals become productive citizens and start afresh with the proper tools & resources to be successful.”

NDSS has a four-phase program that residents must complete. The first phase focuses on assessment and goal setting. The second phase provides residents with the resources they need to meet their goals, such as housing, employment, and education assistance. The third phase helps residents to develop the skills they need to live independently, such as budgeting, cooking, and parenting. The fourth phase is focused on aftercare support.

According to the NDSS website, the organization has a 72 percent success rate, meaning that about 7 out of 10 former residents are able to live independently or with loved ones and maintain their sobriety after completing the program.

The benefit concert is a great opportunity to learn more about NDSS and the important work they do, as well as to enjoy some great music. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at https://www.ndssmemphis.com/how-to-help or by scanning the QR code.

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