‘History Hidden in Plain Sight’ – TSD debuts video series for African-American History Month

Series tells the stories behind the places you pass by every day.


I’ve observed an ironic paradox as I drive around the streets of Memphis. And it has to do with historical markers.

On one hand, they were all erected to bring attention to the people and events that have shaped our communities, our city and the state of Tennessee. The irony is that like so many other signs competing for our attention as we drive, they largely go ignored, blending into the landscape, alongside the lawyer’s ad and the sign offering to buy your house.

Well, for African-American History Month, we at the TSD are going to do something about that.

Today, we introduce you to the first of our new series: “TSDtv: History Hidden in Plain Sight.” It is what it sounds like – we’re going to tell you the stories behind the places you drive by, walk by and probably ignore virtually every day. Our goal is to bring you two of these each week through February. And honestly, it’s fun and fascinating, so if you like them, we may well keep them coming!

We’re starting with a doozy: The Lynchings at “The Curve” — also known as The People’s Grocery Lynchings. And if you don’t know what that has to do with the legendary Ida B. Wells, just click play!