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Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Memphis Transit Authority Appoints Bacarra Mauldin as Interim CEO

In a historic decision, the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) announced Bacarra Mauldin as its interim Chief Executive Officer, following Gary Rosenfeld’s retirement. Mauldin is notably the first woman to lead MATA.

Baccara Mauldin

Mauldin’s appointment comes as Rosenfeld concludes eight years of transformative leadership at MATA. Under his guidance, MATA secured significant funding for various initiatives, including the Memphis Innovation Corridor and the North-South Bus Rapid Transit project. Rosenfeld’s tenure is also marked by the initiation of an electric bus fleet and a cashless fare system.

Dr. Martin E. Lipinski, MATA board chair, commended Rosenfeld’s contributions, stating, “Those ground-breaking projects will support our plans to re-engage the community around new and expanded solutions to transform transit for the Mid-South.”

Mauldin, previously the Deputy CEO, brings over two years of executive experience within MATA and an extensive career in transit. She has earned national recognition and serves on the executive committee of the American Public Transportation Association.

Rosenfeld expressed confidence in Mauldin’s leadership, highlighting her ability to engage with the community and enhance transit services.

Lipinski emphasized the importance of community involvement in transforming Mid-South transit, expressing confidence in Mauldin’s leadership to bring together staff, riders, and community members for innovative solutions.

Mauldin’s tenure as the new interim CEO will commence on February 1, 2024.

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