The City of Memphis has released hours of new video footage related to the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols — 44 new clips in total. The release comes months after a judge ordered the footage be made public.

Lee Eric Smith

Like many of you, we at the TSD are . . . processing this news. While this new footage can certainly provide more details into what actually happened to Tyre Nichols, as far as I’m concerned we already know enough.

I know a young man’s life was callously snuffed out by some thugs with badges, and that the beating was horrific. Do I need to see that play out from multiple body cams, over and over again? Do we need to relive that horrible moment, to be reminded of that darkness again?

Like I said . . . processing. More to come in the coming days.

Before viewing, consider yourself warned, however. The video comes with this card on several of the videos:

Stay tuned . . .