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901 RIDECHOICE gives transportation option to older adults, disabled

by Martin Tompkins, Special to The New Tri-State Defender

Looking for non-emergency transportation option just got easier for older adults and people living with a disability. 901RideChoice is a free phone service that helps this population find reliable and safe transportation options for medical visits, pharmacy drop-offs and pick-ups and other health-related errands.

The 901RideChoice service was created to raise the awareness of untapped local transportation options to increase mobility and independence among these vulnerable populations that might normally depend on family or friends for transportation.

When you call 901RideChoice, you will be asked a few brief questions about your destination, schedule and accessibility to determine the best options for you. After receiving your ride options by phone or email, you can schedule your own ride. Ride options available vary based on the need, cost, accessibility options and include, but are not limited to MATAplus, ride shares and other local agency transportation services.

The initiative, powered by the Innovate Memphis and sponsored by the City of Memphis and MATA, will also cut down on non-emergency calls to 911 from people who lack transportation options.

“We are excited about this free service to help Memphians improve their lives,” said Justin Entzminger, executive director of Innovate Memphis.

“901RideChoice will help our community members find the best mobility options to fit their healthcare needs and household budget.”

Belinda Bryan, care coordinator at Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse (CREA) at the Family Safety Center, was able to help her client with a specialized transportation need.

“It was exactly what I needed,” Bryan said. “I didn’t have to spend an hour or more making phone calls to schedule transportation for our client. It saved me a lot of time, and the family was grateful.”

(For more information or to determine your best ride option, call 901RideChoice at (901) 743-3901 or visit www.901ridechoice.com.)

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