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A sense of ‘community’ drives children’s book author T’Arrah Marjé

“You can come out still beautiful regardless of your environment.”

That is the concept for author T’Arrah Marjé’s “Still a Rose,” a book of poetry about learning to be confident within yourself.

Her book “Big Mad” follows a similar theme while teaching children how to control their anger.

The Frayser native strives to enhance literacy for children, who she said usually are underrepresented in her community.

“I’ve always written poetry, so I wanted to challenge myself to make it into a children’s book,” said Marjé. “After I began the process of writing, I saw a much deeper need for literature, particularly Black literature for children.”

Fascinated with books since childhood, books and reading was an escape for Marjé, who did not think about becoming an author until later in life.

“Looking back, I was the kid that was always in the library … I remember in high school I never really went to lunch,” Marjé said.

“… I never thought I would be an author I was just in love with having an escape from reality and (books) fueled me to dream of things outside my environment.”

In becoming a serious writer, Marjé wanted to fulfill a purpose within herself and the community where she grew up.

Initially, she treated writing as a passion before starting on a quest to have her work published, especially as a representation of the Black community.

“I actually dedicated my book “Still a Rose” to my Frayser community,” Marjé said. “I always said when I was done with my first book that I would dedicate it to my community …

“With “Still a Rose,” the concept is the rose that grew from the concrete. You can come out still beautiful regardless of your environment.”

Marjé said growing up in her community was sometimes discouraging because of what she witnesses daily.

Still, she sees the beauty and potential in her community.

You can purchase her books on Amazon or tmstories.com.


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