ABC’s “What Would You Do?” mirrors current NFL kneeling controversy


Seems like a lifetime ago when ABC News’ “What Would You Do” was just an occasional segment on 20/20. Among the first segments tackled the prickly topic of race — back then, showing hidden camera video of what happens when a black guy vs. white guy tries to get an apartment.

Of course, since then, host John Quinones has morphed the hidden camera segment into an entire franchise. And in a recent episode, it put some unsuspecting restaurant patrons right in the middle of the “kneel for the anthem” controversy.

Imagine being in a diner and overhearing a white coach trying to talk a young black football player out of kneeling. And then notice how the scene plays out differently in Kentucky than it does in The Bronx. But Quinones doesn’t stop there. Later he swaps out the black football player to show a white football player who wants to kneel in solidarity with his teammates. He almost gets in a fight with an ex-Marine.

It’s not entirely surprising what Quinone’s experiment reveals . . . but it’s still interesting to watch. Here’s part 1 and 2: