Remember back when Terry Crews was “just” the Old Spice pitch guy? Or “just” Chris Rock’s dad on “Everybody Hates Chris?”

Lately, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has gotten more headlines for becoming part of the #MeToo movement — ever since he came out and said that a powerful Hollywood agent groped him. When you first hear about Crews story, you immediately think: “That big muscle-bound dude? Ain’t nobody harass him. And if they did, why didn’t he punch them out?”

Well, Crews gets into that and more in what was pretty much a whole episode of Megyn Kelly TODAY on Tuesday morning. It’s worth watching as much as you can see — if for no other reason that he explains WHY he didn’t punch that guy in the face. And if you’re thinking it has to do with his skin color . . . you ‘d be right.

From there, he rages against “toxic masculinity” — that unspoken “man code” that says that because he’s big and strong, that he can’t feel pain, that he can’t feel violated, and that his own “card-carrying membership” in the toxic manhood club almost cost him his marriage.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.  Watch as much as you can of the whole show, starting with this clip . . .