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ALL OVER TOWN: A voice designed for ‘writeous’ impact

All Over Town columnist Brianna A. Smith.

Carin Malone is a well-known poet, who goes by the stage name Writeous Soul. She holds the title as Grand Slam Poetry Master. She has been performing poetry for more than 10 years and is a 12-time poetry slam champion.

Writeous Soul is committed to using her voice to impact, educate, empower and entertain the community.

“My events will be purpose-driven or not at all. I believe in reaching the soul of a person –hence my name. My events will always aim to do the same,” Malone said.

She currently sits on the National Civil Rights Museum’s “Drop the Mic Poetry Slam” committee and partners with the historic museum to run an annual event called Lyrics at the Lorraine, which takes place in April.

“I want to continue to offer new platforms for artists and the arts community in this city,” she said.

She organizes and executes events on third Saturdays of each month.

During this season of love, she presents “Relationship Goals: New Moan Who Dis?”

Carin Malone (Courtesy photo)

The evening will consist of spoken word, comedy and music, highlighting love or the pursuit thereof, regret, self-care, and the many topics that people throw around so loosely in association Valentine’s Day.

“It’s the kind of art that doesn’t push you one way or the other for this special day. It encourages you to be renewed even without the moans that may come from finding yourself in the bed of someone who may not be good for your soul,” Malone said.

“This event is intended to loosen the pressure of being single, committed or searching for anything other than oneself,” she said. “It is designed to be a fun night out of the house, enjoying the essence of untainted poetry, comedy, and music.

Feb. 15, 2020 at 5 p.m., grab some friends and come out to Indulge Lounge to catch poets and comedians, including Writeous Soul, Phatmak, C. J. Williams, Cashmere, Comedienne Ashawntee, who illustrate love so vividly with their words.

“The focus is on being your best self, surrounded by good people and great art,” said Malone.

(To stay connected to Writeous Soul’s poetry nights in the city, text Poetry to 797979.)

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