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Anchor defends Jordan Edwards after callers attacks his parents, character

Anchor defends Jordan Edwards after callers attacks his parents, character news anchor jordan edwards

(Photo: Fox 4 News)

Steve Eagar was shocked by the tone callers were taking on The Viewers’ Voice as they called in berating Jordan Edwards’ parents after the 15-year-old’s death, questioning the teen’s behavior.

One caller said of Edwards and his parents, “If this boy was such an upstanding pillar of the community and all that and his parents are all concerned now… why weren’t they concerned when he was attending a underage drinking party where there were no parent there?”

In response to that and other calls, Eagar laid down the law.

“I think I need to clear up some misrepresentations based on how many calls that sounded just like those,” Eagar said.

“Number one: If you’re a parent, I think it’s impossible to know everything your children are ever doing. I’m a parent and I think if you think you’re that perfect parent and you know everything your kids are doing, wait ’til they grow up. Ask them if that were true. I think you’ll find it’s not,” he said.

“Second, even police say they don’t know what Jordan Edwards was doing. You’re saying he was drinking, he was at a party up to no good. Police say here’s what they know: He was in a car, there was a shot fired, and he died. That’s it. They don’t know anything else. It’s under investigation. And to jump to conclusions, they say, is wrong.”

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