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Bank of America delivers shot-in-the-arm donation to Mid-South Food Bank

Doing good often produces good and that was the backstory on Monday when Bank of America presented the Mid-South Food Bank with $25,000 to help address food insecurity in Memphis.

Committed to encouraging bank employees to receive an annual flu shot and/or coronavirus vaccine or booster, Bank of America donated $50 per shot to the Mid-South Food Bank for each employee in Memphis who received the vaccine or flu shoot before November 23rd.

Take the shot; invest in the community; good produces good.

Bank of America Memphis President Trevia Chatman presented the result – a $25,000 check – to Mid-South Food Bank President & CEO Cathy Pope.

“Bank of America is with us throughout the year,” said Pope. “Either volunteering at one of our events or coordinating a booster campaign like this. They do a really good job of highlighting hunger in our community and responding to it, all year long.”

Bank of America’s long-standing commitment to hunger relief includes having donated $150 million toward such efforts in 2015.

“Through this campaign, we are supporting the health and safety of our teammates and supporting Mid-South Food Bank fight food insecurity here in Memphis,” said Chatman.

Pope embraced Bank of America as “a great partner” for the Mid-South Food Bank, particularly “to do the booster campaign and highlight hunger during times of need, like when the pandemic hit or during the holiday season.”

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