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Black America, due to its popularity, has been released in another edition written by movie and television writer, Marica Smith.

Thanks to a partnership with Real Times Media and The Michigan Chronicle which contributed photos from their extensive archives, Black America is a 400 page book filled with striking and expansive images that document the African American experience starting from slavery and the Civil War to the modern era and the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama.

Bear witness through vivid imagery as this book takes you on a journey through the hope of Reconstruction, the ambition of the establishment of the NAACP, the frustration of Jim Crow and the perseverance and tenacity of Blacks who moved North to find better jobs and lives.

The pictures inside of Black America speak a thousand words as it shows Afro-American achievement through the images of Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Halle Berry and many others. Own a piece of history and purchase a copy today!


Marcia Smith has received an Emmy nominee for her documentary The Murder of Emmett Till that has aired on PBS. This same movie has also won the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Smith has written or co-written five documentaries and is the Executive Director of Firelight Media, a non-profit company that produces documentaries. She lives in Harlem, New York with her husband.

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