Black Dads Who DO! Franklin Gilbert Sr., Rev. Garry Fair, Devlin Williams.

Here at the Tri-State Defender, we’ve declared June as “The Month of the Black Dad!” Meaning, we want to show some love to the men in our communities who are loving fathers and positive role models — not just for their children, but the whole community! Enough talk about the men who don’t; we’re shouting out BLACK DADS WHO DO!

Here are some of your submissions so far! And if you are the proud child of a GREAT BLACK DAD, or know one who deserves a “HUGSHOT,” take a minute to tell us! Visit this link:

Check out this round of “Black Dads Who DO!”

1Franklin Gilbert Sr.

My daddy is THE MAN! I love him so much for always being a great father, supporter and all around great guy.

2Franklin Gilbert Sr.: ‘He never misses an event if he can make it’

He has eight grandchildren whom he supports to no end. He never misses an event if he can make it and most importantly NEVER TELLS US NO, lol. I’m so grateful for him!

— Naketa Gilbert

This heartwarming story of a father’s love is just one example of the many ways African American dads are making a difference in their children’s lives. Do YOU know a Black Dad who deserves a HUGSHOT? Visit and tell us about him!

3Rev. Garry Fair

My dad, Rev. Garry Fair, is truly THE man, myth, and legend!! Life has recently thrown us some tough obstacles, in the loss of my mom and his wife of 33 years, also his current health battle, however my dad continues to be our rock and a loving support for us all!

4Rev. Garry Fair ‘continues to be our rock’ despite health battles

His favorite role is “Poppi” and is always ready with a sweet treat and plenty of love for his granddaughters!! As he continues navigate his current health challenge, he always reminds us that “God is a healer and a consistent strength to rely on in the midst of life’s storms!”

Arielle Brown

Rev. Fair’s story highlights the power of fatherhood within the Black community. Do YOU know a Black Dad who deserves a HUGSHOT? Visit and tell us about him!

5Devlin Williams

I think that Devlin should be celebrated because he shows up — not five percent of the time, not 20 percent. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time he shows up. Often times his job as a sheriff officer has him working very long hours yet every morning he gets up to help his daughter get ready for daycare.

6Devlin Williams shows up ‘100 percent of the time,’ even after long hours

“When he is home during the day he is intentional with his time spent reading books, helping get her down for bed, and engaging in endless playtime. Of course, they played in the snow when it snowed! I can’t necessarily highlight just one thing he does because all of them make him the man and father that he is.”

— Alexandria Williams

Devlin’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the vital role fathers play in their children’s lives. His commitment to being present makes him a true pillar of strength for his family. Do YOU know a Black Dad who deserves a HUGSHOT? Visit and tell us about him!

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