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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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#BlackLivesMatter policy platform to call for reparations, end of mass incarceration

On Monday, the Black Lives Matter movement is expected to release a new policy platform, which is expected to expand the platform in response to criticism that they are too focused on policing matters.

The policy platform will be framed as a set of proposals to combat the “war on black people.”

–Oregon officer placed on leave for calling Black Lives Matter protest “target practice”

The policy paper has been described by organizers as one that resulted from nearly a year’s worth of “research, surveys, convenings and national calls” between the United Front of organizations and the Movement for Black Lives Policy Roundtable,

In addition to addressing the movement against police brutality, the policy platform will cover issues such as reparations, an end to the death penalty, mass incarceration, deportations, and the issue of bringing rights for trans people under current civil rights protections.

–News producer fired for posting about ‘dropping a bomb’ on Black Lives Matter protesters

“In recent years we have taken to the streets, launched massive campaigns, and impacted elections, but our elected leaders have failed to address the legitimate demands of our Movement. We can no longer wait,” a release reads.

“We also stand with descendants of African people all over the world in an ongoing call and struggle for reparations for the historic and continuing harms of colonialism and slavery,” the statement says. “We also recognize and honor the rights and struggle of our Indigenous family for land and self-determination.”

“We are dreamers and doers and this platform is meant to articulate some of our vision.”

–‘Hunger Games’ actress Amandla Stenberg to star in ‘Black Lives Matter’ film

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