Bloody brawl breaks out between white nationalists and interracial couple news black cop kkk 3

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A video has been posted to Twitter that shows a fight breaking out between an interracial couple and a group of white nationalists outside a restaurant in Tennessee. The altercation left the woman bleeding from the face.

The first report of the fight came from a Facebook post that claimed the couple was attacked near a pub in Brentwood. The post goes on to say that about 20 Neo-Nazis “paraded” through the room and started harassing the couple. This sparked a fight.

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Jack Smith first posted about this and he reported, “Managers at the pub says that police took a report — Brentwood and Nashville police told me they don’t have information to release now.” The Mic editor admitted that he didn’t know exactly how the fight started.

After the fight, Smith spoke to white supremacist leader Matthew Heimbach with him claiming a white nationalist “was getting his jacket and words were exchanged.” He added the “black gentleman” threw the first punch.

Heimbach also defended the woman getting hit, saying, “She jumped in and took swings at people. The confrontation wasn’t any of us.”

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