"We're in a Constitutional Era," Bob Moses said in Memphis in 2014, issuing a caution that seems ever more real in 2021. (Photo: National Civil Rights Museum)

Robert Parrish Moses, known worldwide as Bob Moses, lived the kind of life worthy of the myriad accolades that came his way in life and – now – in death. Among them was the National Civil Rights Museum’s 2014 Freedom Award.

Moses died Sunday at 86, with the museum framing the civil rights icon’s legacy as that of “a visionary leader, innovative educator and champion for voting rights. … Moses applied daily the constitutional premise that ‘We The People’ is inclusive of all who believed and acted on it.”

NNPA Newswire (BlackPressUSA) paid tribute to Moses, accounting for his life and legacy with a story that can be accessed by clicking on this headline: IN MEMORIAM: Civil Rights Legend Bob Moses Dies at 86.

As part of its tribute to Moses, The New Tri-State Defender chooses to share the museum’s snippet of Moses’ 2014 acceptance speech. In 2 ½ minutes, Moses details the essence of being “Constitutional People,” the need to be such people and the peril of falling short.

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