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Brawl that killed Bakari Henderson in Greece captured in video

Brawl that killed Bakari Henderson in Greece captured in video news bakari henderson video

(Photo: ABC News)

Surveillance video outside of a bar on the Greek island of Zakynthos captured the moment a bar fight broke out that eventually led to the death of American tourist Bakari Henderson.

Henderson, 22, who was beaten to death last Friday, was seen in the video apparently trying to get away from a crowd of people before someone body-slammed him, and a group of men descended on him to start beating him.

–Bakari Henderson killed in Greece over argument about a selfie–

According to the coroner who examined Henderson after the incident, Henderson died because of head injuries during the beating. The coroner said that all of the injuries were to his head and that there were no defensive wounds. She could not determine the exact time of death but said that Henderson was declared dead at the hospital.

One of Henderson’s friends, Travis Jenkins, said that Henderson was a “peacemaker” and that he was not inclined to “act aggressively.” Henderson’s friends also claimed that the suspects were “looking for a fight” and hit Henderson first.

Zakynthos Mayor Pavlos Kolokotsas told ABC News that both groups had been drinking heavily.

Eight people have since been arrested in relation to this beating death, with all eight appearing in court on Saturday to plead not guilty.

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