Charley Burch


Name: Charley Burch

Candidate for: City Council District 9, Position 3

Date of Birth: 03-12-1968

Occupation: Realtor, TSA Officer, Producer

Educational Background:

    • High School: Germantown High School 1986
    • College: Memphis State University BA History 1992
    • Masters/Ph.D (if applicable):

Family: For over a Century, The Burch Family has represented Tennessee in Federal, State and Local seats of government. The Burch Family represented The Sanitation Workers in The Late 60’s and were activists in The Civil Rights Movement. My immediate living Family includes my 91 year old mother Dr. Wanda Burch and my 14 year old son Zachary Cowden Burch.

Community Involvement: Public Service: 4 1/2 Year Term on Memphis Alcohol Commission and Secretary of That Board
7 1/2 Year Term on Memphis Music Commission and Vice Chairman of That Board
2 year Term Grammy Board of Governors
Worked in Staff and Volunteer capacity on numerous campaigns
Registered Democrat and active in The Party consistently since 1986 TN Democratic Party fellow
AFGE Union Member
Sierra Club Member
Freemason/York Rite/Scottish Rite/Shriner (Clown)/Eastern Star
Personal campaigns for public office: 2 State House and 3 City Council seats


Official Campaign Website:


1. What background/experience distinguishes you from the other candidates who want voters to elect them?

Burch’s response:

Over 12 years of Memphis City Government Service
Union Member and activist
51 year Memphian
Democratic Party Fellow, Worker, Activist and volunteer.

2. What are the top three issues facing the City of Memphis?

Burch’s response:

Transparency of Municipal Government with The Citizens and their needs before Government’s.
Re-instatement of Pensions and benefits for City Employees and First Responders.
No Higher property Taxes!

3. What do you propose to address the three issues you rank as top priorities?

Burch’s response:

Redirect questions at City Council meeting so citizens get more than a 2 minute statement . Educate them on the process of municipal government, respond and advise how to amplify their voices and needs

Re-instate benefits that City Employees had since the late 70’s

Appropriate funds to necessary areas of Municipal Government and the imminent needs of it’s citizens instead of special interest groups and government insiders.

4. Do you favor the call for a half-cent sales tax increase to restore healthcare and retirement benefits for police officers and firefighters cut in 2014?

Burch’s response:


5. Do you think the local PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) program needs to be reformed? If so, why and how?

Burch’s response:


Companies who are bringing Business and jobs to Memphis need consideration…NOT kickbacks to elected officials’ friends and special interests.

6. Do you see a risk of displacement and gentrification connected to the development boom in Memphis? If so, how would you address that risk from the position you seek?

Burch’s response:


We must reevaluate and restructure the regulating boards and decision makers to be more diversified and reflective of Memphis demographics and socioeconomics.

7. African-American-owned businesses have made up only 1 percent of all Memphis business receipts for several decades. If elected, do you see playing a role in changing that statistic? If so, what do you think that role would entail?

Burch’s response:


Voting and representing the voice of The People and not The Power Brokers