Name: Jayne Chandler

Candidate for: Memphis Municipal Judge, Division 3

Date of Birth:

Occupation: Municipal Court Judge Division 3

Educational Background:

    • High School: Hamilton High School
    • College: Tennessee State University Bachelor of Science Political Science
    • Masters/Ph.D (if applicable): Juris Doctorate Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University

Family: Judge Jayne Chandler is the daughter of the late Horace and Dr. Sarah M. Chandler. Judge Chandler is married to Daryl, an aquaponic farmer. They have a daughter Lia who aspires to become an attorney and a pilot.

Community Involvement: Mentor young girls, women and caregivers
Volunteer, chaperone, PTO, sponsor field trips for SCS students
Friend of the Cornelia Crenshaw Library
South Memphis 5K
Feed the Homeless
Public speaker
Promote and educate on the judicial system


Official Campaign Website:


1. What background/experience distinguishes you from the other candidates who want voters to elect them?

Chandler ‘s response:

Twenty-four years of exemplary service upholding the integrity of the judiciary and the public trust as Municipal Court Judge Division 3 distinguishes me from other candidates.

2. What are the top three issues facing the City of Memphis?

Chandler ‘s response:

The top three issues associated with the Municipal Judge position are:
1. Educating the public on their rights.
2. Promoting a fair and impartial judicial system that people can trust
3. Giving people an opportunity to be heard.

3. What do you propose to address the three issues you rank as top priorities?

Chandler ‘s response:

I propose to continue the works I have been during for 24 years. Giving people an opportunity to be heard. Serving fair and impartially. Ensure that I am up to date on current practices through continuing legal education courses.