Here at the Tri-State Defender, we’ve declared June as “The Month of the Black Dad!” Meaning, we want to show some love to the men in our communities who are loving fathers and positive role models — not just for their children, but the whole community! Enough talk about the men who don’t; we’re shouting out BLACK DADS WHO DO!

Here are some of your submissions so far! And if you are the proud child of a GREAT BLACK DAD, or know one who deserves a “HUGSHOT,” take a minute to tell us! Visit this link:

Check out this round of “Black Dads Who DO!”

1Corey Miller

“Everything and more I could ask for in a Dad to our son he is! Through pregnancy and postpartum he has been there in every way possible.”

2Corey Miller: ‘He has been there in every way possible’

“There isn’t a doctor’s appointment he has missed. I couldn’t be more thankful to have him be a Father to our son.”

— Mykila Miller

This heartwarming story of a father’s love is just one example of the many ways African American dads are making a difference in their children’s lives. Do YOU know a Black Dad who deserves a HUGSHOT? Visit and tell us about him!

3Travis Turner

“Travis Turner is my amazing husband. He leads and teaches our three sons by example. One thing that stands out about him: Every morning before we all go our separate ways, Travis calls us all to the couch to impart a message for the day.

4Travis Turner bonds with his sons on “Feelings Friday”

“Fridays are especially important to him. It’s called “Feelings Friday.”Travis asks each of our boys how they are feeling. It’s a time for the boys to share their feelings about the entire week, good or bad. It is important to Travis that our young black men are able to articulate their feelings so that we can help them navigate with emotional intelligence. He is so amazing!”

— Tamika Turner

Travis’s story challenges the stereotype that men aren’t in touch with their emotions. Do YOU know a Black Dad who deserves a HUGSHOT? Visit and tell us about him!

5Byron Brown

“From Princess Tea parties to making custom breakfast/lunch orders, Byron is an amazing #GirlDad who will do anything for his princesses, Averi and Angela!

6Byron Brown: #GirlDad

“He’s always so patient with his girls, helping them to navigate the knee scrapes of childhood — and also goes above and beyond to assure his wife Arielle gets the self-care she deserves!”

— Arielle Brown

Byron’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the vital role fathers play in their children’s lives. His commitment to being present, both emotionally and financially, makes him a true pillar of strength for his family. Do YOU know a Black Dad who deserves a HUGSHOT? Visit and tell us about him!

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