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Chance the Rapper Livestreams Police Stop in Chicago in Case It Goes ‘Sideways’

After consuming a sickening amount of “black death porn”—that is, black folks being killed by police on video—one could deduce that it is a precarious situation whenever an African American gets pulled over by police—regardless of social standing, celebrity, or the size of his or her bank account.

Grammy-winning artist Chance the Rapper, being black and in America (Chicago, to be specific), knows this and, so, decided to livestream to his 7 million followers his stop by Chicago police on Sunday, while he and his daughter’s mother were driving home from church.

The video, which was livestreamed on Instagram, shows Chance; Kirsten Corley, who was driving; and his baby in the back seat.

Corley is first heard saying, “We have no records.”

Chance replies, “We have no record, no burners, my baby … she’s knocked out.”

Chance then says, “Shoutout to World Star, who’s just tuning in, cause y’all can definitely help me if it goes sideways.”


He continues, “Big faith in the men and women who wear the uniform, but policing as a system is disproportionately racist and oppressive.”

An officer appears to give Corley a warning, and Chance and Corley thank the officer.

“See? I knew he was a good dude,” Chance says.

“I don’t have any problem with the men and women that are brave enough to put on the badge,” Chance adds. “But as a system, policing is racist and oppressive.”

And, far too often, deadly.

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