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Chip Washington invites radio listeners to get real on “Real Talk with Chip Washington”

It’s called “Real Talk with Chip Washington” and it will air Monday’s from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on AM 1600/ FM 93.3 WMQM beginning August 5th.

Washington, who was the public information officer for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office for six years until 2016, will draw upon his background in television news, having worked at both Fox-13 and WMC TV 5 as a reporter.

“It’s a call-in show format that’s going to be a combination of topical news and themed shows, along with in-studio guests who will discuss the relevant issues of the day,” Washington said.

He says the new opportunity is fulfillment.

“This has been a dream and a prayer of mine for quite sometime, just to give others a voice and perhaps in doing, we can learn from each other in the process,” he said.

“Also, in doing this I believe in giving something back. Meaning I want to teach the younger generation how to learn to produce a radio show, contribute, get a paying job one day, become successful and reach back to help someone else.”

Washington said it’s not for him to “hold tight to my experience.”

“God wants us to share what we know as adults to those who come behind us so they too can one day teach others,” he said.

“That is what legacy is all about and if that happens, I have done what is expected of me.”

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