The sound of worship will waft from the Studio on the Square shortly after the 9 a.m. hour on Sunday (Jan. 20) as the Rev. Dr. Noel G. L. Hutchinson Jr. ushers in a new ministry.

Dubbed the Greater Works Fellowship, Hutchinson sees his new ministry as “a new movement in Memphis centered on impact, empowerment and witness.”

Recently named mission director for the Progressive National Baptist Convention PNBC), Hutchinson pastored First Baptist Church Lauderdale for 22 years.

Greater Works Fellowship, said Hudson, “will be a place where we take on the issues of the day in our community, while living our Christian witness. It is where community – our community – and spirituality can coexist, because they are supposed to.”

Hutchinson, president of the Tennessee Progressive Baptist Council of the PNBC, said the new ministry also would be “a place where someone can be involved in helping positive change from the church, and come to heal from the challenges of life. It is a place where “we all will do the work.”

Studio on the Square is located at 2105 Court Ave. Many will recognize it as the theatre home of Malco Studio on the Square.

In November 2013, Hutchinson became the host of “Black Thought,” airing weekdays on MUTV1, now the M1 network, Memphis’ first black-owned television station. He is also the host of “Huddle Talk with Dr. Hutch,” airing Wednesdays on 88.5 FM in Memphis.

Last month (Dec. 3-8), Hutchinson in his role as PNBC mission visited Rwanda for a leadership conference with 200-plus pastors from throughout the African country. He taught, preached, blogged and vlogged, including a series of posts featured on and the TSD’s Daily Digital.

Past president of the Memphis Ministers Association, Hutchison is married to Rebecca Matlock Hutchinson, who was the recent site director for the Soulsville USA neighborhood with Community LIFT, through the federal Building Neighborhood Capacity Program (BNCP). She also is the founder and executive director of SCORE CDC, a Community Development Corporation anchored in the South Memphis neighborhood of South City.