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Comic Aries Spears attacked during radio interview

During an appearance on the online radio show Corey Holcomb 5150, things got a little heated for comedian Aries Spears, with a nasty exchange ending in blows.

Spears was on the show with Zo Williams, and as the two snipped at each other and threw insults back and forth, Williams warned, “I’ve had about enough of your sh*t. That’s the truth n*gga. Shut the f*ck up, while I’m talking.”

Then, Williams took a swing at Spears.

Spears took to Twitter after the show to speak on the incident, writing, “So on the 5150 show wit @thecoreyholcomb I touched dudes feelings so much he swung off on me w/o warning! Peep it lol b*tch n*gga.”

See a clip of the encounter below.

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