In-person attendance at the State of Housing in Black America, Memphis Edition is by invitation only. A live stream will be available on social media and

The State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA), the Memphis Edition, is set for Thursday, June 9th at The Crescent Club beginning at 10 a.m.

Hosted by the Memphis Realtist® Chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. ® (NAREB), the event is designed to highlight and discuss issues facing Blacks seeking homeownership and equip others with the knowledge and tools required to fight for equality and democracy within the housing market.

The Crescent Club is located at 6075 Poplar Ave. Ste. 909. In-person attendance is by invitation only. A live stream will be available on social media and

Findings in the NAREB 2021 SHIBA Report were used to determine discussion topics for the event. The report offers a comprehensive look at the systemic impediments to Black American dreams of homeownership. It also focuses on necessary public policy, interventions, and intricate mortgage market adjustments needed to build Black wealth through homeownership.

The State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA), the Memphis Edition will address those topics.

Another aim is to educate attendees on changes they can make to help navigate the current barriers and challenges many Black families face when considering purchasing a home.

“We are excited to reignite NAREB’s presentation of the State of Housing in Black America Memphis Edition. NAREB Memphis’ last presentation of the SHIBA report was in 2011 when I served as local board president,” said SHIBA Memphis Chair Rasheedah Jones.

Rasheedah Jones, chair of SHIBA Memphis.

“At that time, we were in discussion about stabilizing the housing market after the housing crash of 2008. We are in a similar conversation now as we present even more barriers to Black homeownership in a post-pandemic economy.

“As we continue this fight for housing equity and housing democracy, we hope the thought leadership in the room and across this great city will be moved to action that increases wealth creation for Black families through real property ownership.”

Guest speakers and presenters at SHIBA Memphis Edition include:

  • Ninth District Congressman Steve Cohen;
  • Eddie S. Jones, Jr., chairman emeritus, Shelby County Commission;
  • Shelby County Assessor of Property Melvin Burgess;
  • T. Michelle McCarroll, acting HUD field director, Nashville;
  • Tamela Thurman, director Single Family Equitable Housing, FreddieMac;
  • Ashley Thomas III, 2nd vice president, NAREB;
  • Mark Alston, Political Action Committee chair, NAREB;
  • Courtney Q. Jones, executive director, Black Coalition for Housing;
  • Wonda McGowan, president, Memphis Realtist® Chapter, NAREB;
  • Rasheedah Jones, SHIBA Memphis chair, NAREB national treasurer;
  • President-Elect Daryl Lewis, Memphis Realtist® Chapter, NAREB

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