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Cory Booker drops out of Democratic race for President

Whoever the president is in 2020, they won’t be of African American descent.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker announced today that he’s dropping out of the race for president. Although disappointing, the news is not shocking. Booker has lagged in both polls and fundraising, and was not able to hit the threshold necessary to make the Democratic Debate Stage on Tuesday.

The final nail was the expected announcement that the U.S. Congress will be sending impeachment articles to the Senate this week. As a sitting U.S. Senator, he’d be off the campaign trail in Iowa for at least a few weeks — unable to meet voters or attend fundraisers there.

Still, America loses a powerful voice in the race – one who was calling for Americans to treat each other better and not to resort to the meanness that’s corrupted our current process.

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