COVID-19 Resource Center: What is BlueCross doing in response to COVID-19?

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What is BlueCross doing in response to COVID-19?

In recent weeks, BlueCross has enhanced support for members by:

  • Waiving all member cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatments, including hospitalizations, from in-network providers through May 31, 2020
  • Waiving member costs for any appropriate FDA-aligned test
  • Allowing early prescription refills and 90-day prescriptions to avoid increased risk of exposure
  • Expanding access to telehealth services by making PhysicianNow visits available at no cost and by covering virtual visits with other network providers for many services
  • Sharing key public health information, such aspromoting social distancing and warning of potential scam activity

BlueCross is considered an essential business, so we’ll remain open. However, we have taken steps in the last month to help keep our employees well while ensuring our members see no lapse in service. Since March 16, 2020, the majority of our workforce has been working full time from home. We’ve not experienced any reduction in service to you, nor do we expect any.