Sometimes the only thing weirder than the things that President Donald Trump says or does are the things serious-minded journalists have to say with a straight face.

Case in point: CNN’s Chris Cuomo covering the North Korea-U.S. summit in Singapore. Cuomo blurts out (and I’m paraphrasing, but not much): “Here I am, sitting next to former National Security Adviser James Clapper . . . . and the person with the most knowledge about how Kim Jong Un thinks . . . is Dennis Rodman.”

Weren’t thinking about THAT when Rodman was wearing a rainbow ‘fro and boas, were you? Dennis Rodman, diplomat and peacemaker? But it’s true.

Many of us had WTF moments when we heard Rodman was headed to North Korea back in 2013 to bring a basketball delegation. He famously called Kim Jong-Un “a nice guy.”But before that, back in 2009, Rodman was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice 2 . . . starring Donald Trump.

In both contexts, Rodman spent considerable time around each man — socializing, conversatin’. And so, in this bizzaro world, the one man with insight into both men is the lone person anyone could turn to for any kind of commentary.

Rodman got emotional talking about how President Obama basically blew him off after his North Korea trip. This whole clip is worth watching, but click play to see the juiciest part.

Oh, and Potcoin. Whatever that is.